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Rapid Screen Repair

Screen Repair

Our name says it - get your Screen Repaired Rapidly! I broke the screen to my phone one day. It happened to be soon after I just paid almost 300$ to get it. I was so mad because I didn't have the money to just go replace it. And then I saw a replacement screen for my phone. I ordered it and fixed my phone. And I spent a fraction of what it would have cost. So I started helping out friends and family and here I am!

Screen Repair Pricing

Screen replacement iPhones:

  • 11 pro max price $270
  • 11 pro price $230
  • 11 price $ 160 Xs max price $270
  • Xs price $ 230 X price $230
  • Xr price $ 160 8 plus price $130
  • 8 price $110
  • 7 plus price $130
  • 7 price $110
  • 6s plus $130
  • 6s price $110
  • 6p price $110
  • 6 price $ 90